Chapter 124 - Fengwu

Chapter 124 Fengwu.

Chapter 124: Fengwu 

“My sisters do not need to take the poison! Is my life not enough as collateral?” Lady Yan, who previously swallowed the pill, prevented Second Wife Li from taking the poison.

When Han Li heard Lady Yan’s words, he was slightly stunned, exposing an appearance of surprise.

After he immediately muttered to himself, he slightly nodded his head and said, “Since Fourth Martial Mother feels so deeply for her sisters, I, Han Li, will not be an unreasonable person! Fine, Second Martial Mother and the rest do not need to take the poison.”

After Han Li said this, he took the bottle from Lady Yan’s hands and stored it in his bosom.

“Since this affair has been concluded, I will first take my leave. Tomorrow at this time, I will come back to the Mo Estate for the portrait and other necessary items, then I will directly head to the Hegemon’s Villa.”

“Thank you for your troubles, Young Master!” Lady Yan and the others stood up to send him off.

Han Li faintly smiled, turned his body as easily as wind, and left the room.

Just as Han Li had left the small building, there were the sounds of many hurried footsteps from behind him.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Han, wait a moment. My second sister has come to find you for a certain matter!” Han Li heard the shouting voice of that young girl, Mo Caihuan, and sighed. He helpless turned his body.

He saw that little demoness take the lead at the front, followed by Mo Fengwu and Mo Yuzhu. They were all walking straight toward him.

Mo Caihuan overtook Han Li by a few steps. Then she widely opened her eyes, walked around him in a circle, and smacked her lips incessantly as if she were looking at a rare object!

Alright! Senior Apprentice Brother Han, I was already quite bitter from being cheated! However, I didn’t expect that you were also a faker! You actually went as far as to use a some small thing to trick me into moving around in circles.”

When Han Li heard this, he rolled his eyes at this girl. What ‘small thing’? This girl clearly wants a better gift, and thus, he must leave at once!

“Third sister, don’t be rude. Stop making trouble for Young Master Han.”

This was the first time Han Li heard Mo Fengwu’s voice. It was completely gentle and soft, like velvet, and could give a person a sense of comfort.

“What! Am I not taking revenge on behalf of our mothers? Who let this guy act so lofty in front of my mother!?” Mo Caihuan angrily asked.

Sure enough, the words Han Li heard fit his expectations. This girl had came here purely to vex him. In that case, he no longer paid notice of the little demoness and turned his head to Mo Fengwu , “Second junior apprentice sister, is something on your mind that compelled you to find me?”

Having Han Li speak to her caused her to complexion to slightly red. However, she continued, softly saying, “Fengwu came to find Young Master to simply know whether Third Sister’s Winding Fragrance Pills were truly gifted by Young master. Has my father’s medical expertise been completely passed down to Young Master?”

When Han Li had first seen Mo Fengwu, he had quite a favorable impression of her. Now that he had seen this shy jade person speak so tenderly, his mind could not help but feel a large amount of sympathy toward her.

(TL: “Jade Person”: ?? lit. jade person, refined beauty, I got tired to saying the word beauty… )

As a result, he politely said, “In response to second junior apprentice sister’s question, Han Li will naturally say all he knows. Junior apprentice sister Caihuan’s Winding Fragrance Pills were truly gifted by me. I have also indeed learned many medicinal recipes and obtained great medical expertise. This Winding Fragrance Pill was such a recipe….Could it be that junior apprentice sister Fengwu is greatly interested in this?”

Ever since Han Li had seen the medicinal herbs growing in the back garden, he knew for certain that there was someone here learning Doctor Mo’s medical expertise. Now that he saw Mo Fenwu ask this, his mind knew that it was most likely to be the jade person before him.

As expected, after Han Li said these words, this young woman, who originally seemed extremely gentle and quiet, displayed a cheerful expression from her eyes as she said, “I won’t conceal this from Young Master. Ever since Fengwu was a child, she was greatly interested in Father’s medical skills and meticulously studied many of Father’s medical books and experiences. Unfortunately, when Father departed the Mo Estate, Feng Wu’s age was still young, and thus, what she had acquired was quite limited.”

After she finished speaking, Mo Fengwu was somewhat hesitant, but still she continued, “Therefore, Fengwu has a request which she hopes Young Master will be able to complete….Is it possible for your distinguished self to give a copy of father’s medical skills and insight to Fengwu to let her learn a few things and deepen her own medical expertise?”

After she said these words, this second junior apprentice sister from the Mo Estate blushed. It was clear that to boldly request this of him was quite embarrassing for her.

After Han Li finished hearing the jade person’s request, he didn’t think of it in the least and immediately agreed.

“No problem. Tomorrow, when I come to the Mo Estate, I will give the few of Doctor Mo’s remaining manuscripts and prescriptions to second junior apprentice sister. Naturally, these already belonged to the Mo Estate. I had originally planned to hand them over to Fourth Martial Mother, but since second junior apprentice sister wants them, giving them to second junior apprentice sister would be the same.” Han Li said with a smile.

“A great many thanks, Young Master! Fengwu can’t help but be grateful!” Mo Fengwu’s face showed an appreciation for his decision.

“Second sister, why in the world are you thanking him? Did you not hear him say that those objects originally belonged to us? He should be giving them to you of his own volition.” The nearby Mo Caihuan blinked several times before interrupting.

After Han Li heard the words of the young girl, he shot her a glance and thought, “If it wasn’t your second sister, such a gentle and pleasant beauty, requesting this of me, would I still return these items, which fell into my possession, to the Mo Estate? I wouldn’t even think of it!’

“Third Sister, don’t speak drivel. Young Master Han will bring us Father’s remnants without the slightest hesitation. This sufficiently shows Young Master’s intentions.”

Seeing something amiss between Han Li and Mo Caihuan, Mo Fengwu hastily chided the young girl and then pulled her away. After she gracefully bowed to Han Li,  she took her leave.

From the beginning to end, the Mo Estate’s eldest daughter, Mo Yuzhu,  hadn’t said a word. After she saw her two sisters depart, she took a deep look at Han Li and left.

“The Mo Estate’s eldest daughter, what meaning did her glance hold? Does she appreciate me, loathe me, or even both?” Han Li threw Mo Yuzhu a departing glance, somewhat at a loss.

However, Han Li shrugged his shoulders and thought of it no longer. He then left the Mo Estate.

By the time Han Li returned to the inn, the newly appointed Fourth Level Gang’s Gang Leader Sun Ergou and one other person had already been waiting for a while outside his room. Naturally, Crooked Soul was there as well.

After Han Li saw Sun Ergou, he nodded his head and pushed open the room’s door. Sun Ergou and the other person immediately followed him inside. Then each person had a man respectfully standing on either side of them to attend to their needs.

After Han Li sat down, he sized up the stranger that came in with Sun Ergou. He was a robust man of perhaps thirty years and had a frightening face as well as a fearsome appearance.

“Seeing your bright red face, you must’ve already acquired the seat as the Gang Leader of the Fourth Level Gang!” Han Li faintly said to Sun Ergou.

“Take a seat! Take a seat! It was because of this Young Master’s backing that this servant is where he is today!” Sun Erhou hastily replied, beaming with joy.

“So long as you know! I will not meddle with the Fourth Level Gang’s affairs, but you must use the Fourth Level Gang’s power in accordance to my instructions. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind switching in a different Gang Leader.” Han Li coldly warned.

These words made Sun Ergou, originally lost in joy, immediately shiver, greatly clearing his clouded mind.

“I will follow Young Master’s instructions at any cost. Even if it costs me my life, I will do it!” Sun Ergou assumed a loyal appearance in a rush.

Han Li faintly let out an “En”, no longer taking notice of Sun Ergou and instead turning his gaze to the other man.

“You were the one that heard the Immortals’ conversation?” Han Li asked, rather interested.

“That’s right. This servant Xi Tieniu had truly heard this!” The robust man respectfully replied.

(TL: “Tieniu” ??- Iron Bull)

Though this person might be strong and tall, he was not at all stupid. He clearly understood that this unremarkable youth before him had elevated Sun Ergou, who was originally of the same status of himself, to the Gang Leader’s position. Thus, he didn’t dare be negligent.

Han Li was very satisfied. So long as this man was clever, this affair would be handled smoothly.

“Tell me about the day when you saw the Immortal couple, from start to finish. If I am satisfied, I’ll have you be Sun Ergou’s assistant and turn you into the Fourth Level Gang’s Vice Gang Leader.” Han Li knew that only with the attachment of rewards would others work with enthusiasm. As a result, he made such an unrestrained promise.    

As expected, when Xi Tieniu heard what was said, he was delighted. He excitedly slapped his chest immediately, expressing that he would surely satisfy Han Li.

When Sun Ergou heard these words, he was somewhat unwilling. However, he didn’t dare to show the slightest bit of disagreement on his face.

As a result, after Xi Tieniu calmed down a bit, he narrated the day he came across the  Immortals once through and in great detail.

Xi Tieniu’s account and the finer details spoken by Sun Ergou were much different, but the overall course of events were almost entirely the same.

“This Immortal couple, did they mention any time or place?” After Han Li finished hearing Tieniu’s statement, he asked of the matter that he was most concerned about.