Chapter 115 - A Startling Change

Chapter 115 A Startling Change.

Chapter 115: A Startling Change 

Just as they reached the second floor, before Yan Ge could knock on the door,  Lady Yan’s voice came from within the room.

“Is it Han Li and Yan Ge?”

“That is right, Fourth Martial Mother!” Yan Ge hastily stopped and respectfully replied.

“Yan Ge, return first. Just Han Li entering alone will do.” Lady Yan’s faint voice could be heard from within. That distinct, cold voice could not help but touch Han Li’s heart.

“As you wish.” Yan Ge was clearly very respectful of Lady Yan, and he followed her command without the slightest hesitation. After he smiled to Han Li, he quietly descended from the second floor. Only Han Li remained upstairs, waiting outside the room.

Han Li coldly looked at the room door, but instead of immediately entering, he released his spiritual sense and scoped out the situation inside the room. He didn’t wish to go in alone, only to be ambushed and killed by a room of hidden soldiers, so it was better to be a bit careful!

It was very quiet in the room, and the number of people inside wasn’t large. Han Li could only hear the breathing and heartbeats of Lady Yan and a few others. It appeared that there wasn’t anyone that shouldn’t be there. This greatly relieved Han Li.

Thus, he stepped forward and lightly knocked on the door twice. He then opened the room door, planning to take a quick look before entering. However, what he saw in the room greatly changed Han Li’s complexion. His step had stiffly halted mid air.

The room was the same as the night before; the chairs, desks, and decorations were all exactly the same. The only thing different were the beautiful women’s style of dress. Lady Yan and the other beautiful wives were all wearing white silk mourning clothes from head to toe. They all sat on chairs and unwaveringly gazed at Han Li with cool eyes.

Han Li’s complexion turned somewhat pale. However he was not scared but rather annoyed with the deceased Doctor Mo.

It was very clear why Doctor Mo, that old fox, had forced him to travel such a great distance. It seemed that he had guessed correctly: that letter had contained a hidden message that gave the tigresses news of Doctor Mo’s death. It was as if they were waiting for Doctor Mo’s murderer to visit them voluntarily!

Han Li took a deep breath and returned his complexion to normal. He then entered the room in large strides; without a trace of politeness, he looked for a chair and arrogantly sat across from the wives. After seeing them not say a single word, he planned to observe how these women would deal with him in the end.

It was clear Han Li’s completely unrestrained action was intended to tear away at their faces. However, largely against his expectation, he had thrown them into confusion. each of their expressions having nothing in common.

Second Wife Li’s expression turned green. It was clear this Han Li, who had so clearly said “Martial Mother” yesterday, was now daring to brazenly act as if he were meeting with those of the same generation. This Second Wife was born of a scholarly family and paid great attention to generational separation. Now that she had come across this chap who was unfilial towards his master, how could she not tremble with anger?

(TL: ?????? separation of the young and old generations- respect your granny, kids)

Third Wife Liu differed greatly from Lady Li. Not only did she refrain from getting angry, she also looked toward Han Li with a very interested expression. However, because of her astonishing glamor, Han Li didn’t dare to look at her directly, and had simply looked at her with a sweeping gaze.

Lady Yan and the cool, elegant Lady Wang were about the same. They wordlessly looked at Han Li with gazes brimming with a freezing chilliness.

“Your courage is awfully great, my Lord Husband’s last disciple!”  After the time it took to make a cup of tea, Lady Yan eventually opened her mouth, her words containing a mocking intention. Everyone could clearly hear her ridicule.

“Martial Mothers, whatever you wish to know or wish to say, please say them directly. I don’t wish to hear nonsense or unnecessary words!” Han Li said with a blank face.

Han Li had clearly understood; if a wife were to bicker about how terrible she felt, and then the other wives would engage in a verbal duel. Rather than expand a great deal of effort to resolve this, he felt that he may as well get straight to the core problem. This was what he believed.

Since there were no saber lights or sword shadows belonging to hidden experts inside the room, Han Li speculated that the wives currently had no plans to dispose of him. It seemed they either had misgivings or had demands for him. Since it was like this, there was no need to be too polite. In any case, Doctor Mo’’s death was an invitation for disaster; he had nothing to be ashamed of.

“You….” Although Lady Yan had much knowledge about all sorts of battles between men, the rupturing tone of Han Li’s words nearly made her speechless.

“Fine, I will ask then! Was my Lord Husband killed by your traitorous hands!?” Second Wife could not help but want to spit fire from her elegant eyes. Her scholarly air had completely vanished, leaving behind only a face of resentment.

“Second Sister!” Lady Yan wrinkled her brow  and softly called her as if to prevent the Second Wife’s questions from immediately causing both parties to fall into disagreement.

‘This Lady Li is actually quite frank to directly bring the most crucial question to the table.’ Han Li inwardly sneered, thinking of this.

“It could be said that I killed him, but it could be also said that he killed himself!” Han Li said indifferently.

This sentence caused the wives sitting across from him to be shocked. They believed that Han Li would either readily deny it or simply brazenly admit it. What were they supposed to do if they could not make sense of the answer?

Second Wife Li stared blankly for a moment,  but she immediately became agitated. She clearly believed that Han Li was playing with them.

“What is this nonsense? It was clearly you who harmed him.” Lady Li tremblingly retorted.

“How are you certain that I killed him? Did you see it with your own two eyes?” Han Li asked, no longer polite. He clearly understood that Doctor Mo had written that he was murdered in the letter. Naturally, they weren’t completely certain whether or not he had died by Han Li’s hand. Han Li guessed that the letter, which Doctor Mo had set aside for these wives, contained nothing but a few speculative words. As a result, Han Li could completely refute these misgivings.

“Since you’ve said this, tell us women how our Lord Husband was murdered once through. If you were truly unrelated, we won’t deliberately treat you unjustly.” The cool, elegant Fifth Wife Wang, who had been silent all along, finally spoke.