Chapter 206 - Accident

The young woman’s words startled the Masked Moon Disciples. From their experiences in the past two days, so long as the top grade demonic beasts had been bound by their Martial Ancestor, they would be bound for quite a while. How was this demonic beast able to escape so quickly?

Although their hearts were filled with doubt, they did not dare to ignore the young woman’s warning, and they immediately became extremely cautious; of course, the attack of the red and blue columns of light from their hands became even more fierce. In the time it takes to roll one’s eyes, ten or so more bloody holes appeared on the Inky Flood Dragon’s body. The fresh, red flood dragon blood stained a large part of the swamp below it red.

Of course, this enraged the flood dragon even more; it opened its mouth and let out a piercing, endless howl, causing the entire underground area to quake and drone. This caused all of the people there to be hit by a sudden bout of dizziness as everything seemed to spin.

With a “rip”, a strange tearing sound rang out in midair! When everybody regained consciousness and focused on taking a look, their expressions drastically changed.

The band was still floating in midair unmoving; however, the Inky Flood Dragon demonic beast within it had disappeared into thin air, leaving behind its tattered skin which hung on top of the band and fluttered incessantly. This demonic beast had actually shed its skin and escaped!

Not only were the Masked Moon Sect disciples surprised, but even the young woman, when she saw the scene in front of her, was extremely stunned!

When she had yelled at her sect’s disciples to be careful, it wasn’t because she had expected this flood dragon to shed its skin.

The Inky Flood Dragon’s escaping power was too great; her magic strength truly was not enough to continue to contain it. Having experienced the restrictive power of the Vermillion Bird Band, the demonic beast should have also known this. So why would it make a move that hurt so much of its vitality? Could it be……!

The young woman’s heart moved, and she thought of a frightening reason. Her face was painted completely white, and she hurriedly searched everywhere for the Inky Flood Dragon, wanting to verify her own extremely terrible guess!

“It’s over there!”

A sharp-eyed Masked Moon Sect disciple was the first to discover the demonic beast incessantly swimming around near the topmost part of the underground area; at this time, it had a completely new look, its form very different from how it was before.

Its black body had become snow white, without scales, and its originally 30-40 foot long body had increased to 50-60 feet, and it also widened significantly; only faint scars remained where it had been injured, so faint that it was almost invisible. The most shocking thing was that the triangular snake body had grown a inch-long, jet black sharp horns, a faint light shining through it. Its midsection had also grown an extra pair of incomparably sharp white claws. This demonic beast had actually turned from a snake into a flood dragon, and its form had become exactly the same as the legendary flood dragon.

Seeing this form of the Inky Flood Dragon, the people from the Masked Moon Sect were naturally extremely shocked. However, before they were able to make any moves, the young woman standing at the very front gave out an order with an ashen face that caused them to feel very stunned.

“Everyone immediately retreat, the Inky Flood Dragon has already reached grade two! Its strength is far above Core Formation cultivators; all of us combined are not its opponent. Immediately escape this area, I can delay it for a short while.”

After the young woman said this solemnly, she immediately waved her hand, causing that Vermillion Bird Band to return in front of her. She then assumed a completely defensive posture.

When the male and female disciples behind her heard this, they started to hesitate somewhat; although that Inky Flood Dragon had shed its skin and its appearance had drastically changed, they were just inflicting heavy wounds on it. It was hard for them to believe that the strength of this demonic beast, could become vastly different in the blink of an eye.

But in the moment that they hesitated, it was enough for them to regret it for life! This was because the white Inky Flood Dragon suddenly moved its body and rushed like lightning towards the space above all of the Masked Moon Sect people; then, it opened its mouth wide, and an endless torrent of purple liquid spurted out of its mouth.

“Quickly hide, you can’t receive it!”

The young woman hurriedly yelled out, her expression one of anxiety; at the same time, the Vermillion Bird Band immediately increased multiple times in size, and it flew out and blocked the greater half of the purple liquid.

Hearing this, some of the more quick-witted disciples, either immediately turned around and slipped into the azure stone tunnel or advanced a few steps and hid within the cover of the band magic treasure. The remaining five or six disciples, however, were confident in the strength of their magic tools; not only did they not hide, but they actually released one or two shiny objects, protecting their own foreheads. It seemed as if they decided to face it head-on!


The young woman, seeing some of the disciples not listening to her words, revealed a furious expression, green light flashing across her face. However, her magic power was limited, and she had no way to increase the cover of the magic treasure. She could only leave them to fend for themselves!

As expected, what happened afterwards proved that what the young woman had said was true. The unblocked purple liquid fiercely spurted towards those disciples’ foreheads. Those magic tools that, at a glance, did not seem common, flashed a few times, then emitted a few plumes of azure smoke and disappeared under the onslaught of purple liquid, having been completely melted.

Those few Masked Moon Sect disciples only had time to yell out before disappearing without a trace under the onslaught of purple liquid. Only a large hole a few tens of feet deep remained where they had once stood. This caused the surviving Masked Moon Sect disciples to become deathly pale.

At this time, having wiped out those few disciples, the oppressive feeling from the Inky Flood Dragon slightly dissipated, and it finally closed its mouth and stopped spitting. Instead, it gazed at the young woman with cold eyes. It was as if it was very clear that this Martial Ancestor from the Masked Moon Sect was its formidable adversary.

“Why are you still staring? Still not quickly leaving! This beast just turned from a snake into a flood dragon; its should not have too much Dan liquid remaining, and it won’t lightly spit it out!” The young woman coldly commanded with a chilly face, not pay attention to the gaze of the Inky Flood Dragon.

Then, she bitterly said to herself: “You’re only a small snake that just reached grade two, yet you still dare to act so arrogantly in front of me. If I had recovered the magic power that I originally had, I would’ve captured you long ago and have you guard my Immortal’s Cave!”

Ignoring the young woman’s unwilling expression, how could the other Masked Moon Sect disciples, having seen the tragedy that befell those few people, dare to stay even for a moment? They immediately and obediently retreated into the tunnel with a “hula”, and then rushed wildly towards the outside.

Not long afterwards, sounds of a demonic beast’s roars came from behind them, as well as the young woman’s gentle scolding and the rumbling sounds of a battle. These disciples scrambled wildly up the stairs, while at the same time being filled with fear.

Their Martial Ancestor had clearly said that she could only entangle it for a short while; if they walked too slowly and were caught again by the Inky Flood Dragon, each person would receive a mouthful of that frightening purple liquid. There was no room to dodge in this tunnel, so they would die an unjust death!

At this time, the young woman was flying back and forth in the air and incessantly harassing the Inky Flood Dragon, her fragrant sweat dripping from her body. That Vermillion Bird Band magic treasure was superbly used by her, provoking the demonic beast to roar in anger continuously. However, the flood dragon was also unable to do anything to the young woman, whose movement techniques were extremely abrupt.

The young woman obviously had yet to use her full strength, only using one hand to control the Vermillion Bird Band while the other hand held a fire-red spirit stone, continuously sucking out its Spiritual Qi in an attempt to recover her own magic power.

After the young woman felt that enough time had passed; she retrieved the fire attribute spirit stone and took out a bright gold talisman.

Without saying anything else, she took advantage of when the Inky Flood Dragon’s attention was fully attracted by the Vermillion Bird Band to raise her hand, and that talisman became a streak of golden light, shooting towards the demonic beast. When it arrived in front of its body, the golden light suddenly separated into countless golden strands, suddenly and securely binding that demonic beast. It was unable to move even a tiny bit, angering it and causing another burst of wild roars.

A trace of mockery flitted across her eyes when she saw this; then, she reluctantly glanced at the golden chest floating in the white jade pavilion before gritting her teeth and flying back to the tunnel entrance and landing there. She was very clear that this intermediate mid-grade golden strands talisman could not bind the demonic beast for too long; it would be best for her to leave this place early. As for the treasures inside of that golden chest, she would think of ways to obtain them later!

The young woman landed, wanting to raise her leg and step into the azure stone tunnel, but a deafening cry suddenly came thundering from the tunnel; this cry came closer and closer and grew louder and louder, causing the young woman to be a little alarmed and uncertain. The elegant foot that she had raised actually did not dare to enter the tunnel for a while.

A dazzling azure light suddenly appeared within the tunnel, sweeping through the tunnel like a torrential tide. Wherever it went, all of the azure stone tunnel seemed to come alive, furiously extruding towards the middle. In the blink of an eye, the many tens of feet tall tunnel appeared to have no gap whatsoever. When the young woman saw this, she hurriedly retreated numerous steps, as if she had seen a ghost, and couldn’t help but cry out:

“Small Five Elements Xumi Mountain Magic!”

Then, her face was deathly pale, and she stared foolishly at the disappearing tunnel. The self-confident expression she had always had disappeared completely in an instant.

At this time, in midair behind the young woman, the golden strands on the Inky Flood Dragon’s body began to tear inch by inch. This demonic beast was about to break through its restrictions in the time it took to roll one’s eyes. When the young woman had recovered and turned around to see this happen, her heart thumped even harder, as if it had fell into an abyss.

In the big lobby of the stone temple, outside of the tunnel, ten or so Masked Moon Sect disciples were staring rigidly at a white-clothed woman; she was actually the crafty woman who had called herself one of the Masked Moon Sect’s Twin Beauties. However, at this moment her face was pale, and she seemed to be completely at a loss!

“Junior Martial Sister Zhao, what exactly did you do just then? Why is it that after you threw a strange talisman into the tunnel, the tunnel opening disappeared? Could you wanted to murder the Southern Palace Martial Ancestor?” a male Masked Moon Sect disciples asked sternly with a panicked expression.

This was not a laughing matter! If this Martial Ancestor really was to never come out again because of this, their fates would be tragic! After they returned, at best their cultivation bases would be completely destroyed and they would be expelled from the sect; at worst, their lives would be in danger, and they would have to suffer . They were very clear about the significance of a loss of a Core Formation cultivator to the sect; thus, they became increasingly anxious.

“I didn’t do anything! I only placed an intermediate low-grade “Small Five Elements Talisman” near the entrance, intending to wait for the demonic beast to chase over to activate the talisman, giving it some pain to eat!” the white-clothed young woman exclaimed, completely flustered.

She was very clear that no matter how strong her background was, it would be useless in the face of causing this kind of disaster! Thinking of the frightening consequences of the young woman not coming out, this woman felt her hands and feet grow cold!

“Stop speaking nonsense! Let’s try and see if we can open up this tunnel and rescue the Southern Palace Martial Ancestor!” snapped a somewhat aged male disciple.

This sentence’s utterance immediately reminded the Masked Moon Sect disciples; they hurriedly pulled out various colorful magic tools and surrounded the area that was originally the tunnel entrance, incessantly slamming them down, trying to break through the restrictions and save the young woman.

After a few hours, in the underground world a few hundreds of feet below, the young woman opened her eyes wide and gazed in disbelief at the person who had suddenly appeared. With a hand gesture, this person sent out seven golden blades to attack the Inky Flood Dragon while the other hand released a black iron shield, blocking the spitting attack of the Inky Flood Dragon and preventing it from reaching the two people.

This person was the Yellow Maple Valley fellow that she had once seen and felt he was somewhat interesting. This person, when her magic power had been depleted from flying around and avoiding the attacks of the Inky Flood Dragon for those few hours, had suddenly appeared from an unknown location, saving her when she was in critical danger.

At the same time that Han Li was barely parrying the attacks of the Inky Flood Dragon, he glanced quickly at the young woman’s completely surprised face and bitterly laughed in his heart.

Originally, Han Li was leisurely watching the entertaining battle between the Masked Moon Sect and the Inky Flood Dragon. In fact, after the Inky Flood Dragon had evolved and leveled up, apart from being very stunned, he did not feel panicked at all. However, when the young woman had wanted to retreat and after the azure stone tunnel’s entrance had suddenly disappeared, Han Li could not continue to sit there idly.

Wasn’t the disappearance of the tunnel entrance implying that no matter whether it was the young woman or the demonic beast, he would be unable to leave regardless of who was left! This caused Han Li to begin to panic.

At this time, the Inky Flood Dragon that had escaped and the young woman began to fight again; obviously, this Masked Moon Sect Martial Ancestor was completely at a disadvantage.

Even if she continued to coax the band into attacking the Inky flood Dragon, the defensive ability of the demonic beast with new skin had reached the point where it was unbelievably strong. Regardless of whether she used the band that spurted out fierce flames to incinerate the Flood Dragon or directly used the body of the magic treasure to attack, she was unable to inflict any serious wounds to it. At most, she would bruise or burn a small section of its body, causing this beast to become even more berserk. Its chase of the young woman also became more frantic, even forcing the young woman into desperate situations numerous times.

However, this Masked Moon Sect Martial Ancestor carried many intermediate talismans on her, which caused Han Li to gain a significant amount of enlightenment. Rarely seen talismans like the “Fleeing Earth Talisman”, “Water Prison Talisman”, “Firebird Talisman”, etc. were used in a row and were each clearly seen once by Han Li.

Whenever the young woman was about to be injured by the demonic beast, she would throw one out, immediately resulting in strange effects that turned peril into safety. Unfortunately, the young woman obviously did not have any talismans with great destructive power, so every time she could only barely preserve herself. It seemed like relying on talismans to injure the Inky Flood Dragon would not be possible!

The struggle inside of Han Li’s heart became even more fierce upon seeing this young woman being thrown into a panic by the Inky Flood Dragon,

If the tunnel was still intact like before, Han Li naturally would not be concerned with the survival of this Martial Ancestor of the Masked Moon Sect; however, having seen the tunnel mysteriously disappear, this place had become a dangerous location, and Han Li’s mentality naturally would be greatly different from before.

In addition, he had heard the Masked Moon Sect Martial Ancestor call out some “Small Five Elements Xumi Forbidden Technique” with his own ears, as if she was very clear as to what had caused the disappearance of the tunnel. Thus, the hope of escaping from this place still had to lie with this woman. He knew nothing about forbidden techniques and the like, so this young female “expert” absolutely could not die right now!

However, Han Li also refrained from moving rashly, fearing that the young woman would have some kind of lethal last resort. Thus, it wasn’t until the young woman had exhausted her energy and threw out all kinds of talismans, reached her wits end, and her face revealed an expression of hopelessness, that Han Li made a move to save this young woman.

The young woman, apart from rejoicing at Han Li’s sudden appearance, felt somewhat upset! She had seen, exceptionally clearly, Han Li’s intention to allow the battle with the Inky Flood Dragon to proceed to this point.

However, no matter what, dealing with the increasingly ferocious Inky Flood Dragon was the most pressing matter, so after the young woman had rested for a moment, she wordlessly began to coax her magic treasure to attack.

When Han Li brushed with the Inky Flood Dragon, he began to quietly complain. When he had been watching the young woman battle with this beast, he had not seen at all that this demonic beast was so strong. It wasn’t until now, when he had personally taken the stage, that he experienced the Inky Flood Dragon’s terror.

His “Gold Beetle Swarm Mother Blade” could be considered to be a premium product even among top grade magic tools, but when those streaks of golden light got close to the Inky Flood Dragon, they were carelessly swatted away by its two claws and its tail, immediately flying backwards roughly a hundred feet away. They had no strength to hold their own at all.

Even if Han Li relied on quantity, using a few golden blades at one time was enough for one or two golden blades to stab the Inky Flood Dragon’s body as a fluke, but apart from leaving a white mark, there was no other effect, leaving Han Li completely silent.

In addition, Han Li didn’t dare to be sloppy against the Inky Flood Dragon’s attacks. Not to mention allowing the opponent’s claws or tail to come into contact with him, Han Li would even use the iron shield to block every drop of the black water that the opponent occasionally spit out.

Just like that, this magic tool that had saved Han Li numerous times was also corroded by the unremarkable black water, forming many holes. One truly did not know how much longer it would be able to last.

If the strength of this black water was already this frightening, wouldn’t that even more ruthless purple liquid be even more unreasonable! No wonder those Masked Moon Sect disciples had died so straightforwardly; magic tools were of absolutely no use!

The more Han Li fought with the Inky Flood Dragon, the more apprehensive he became; he virtually completely relied on his movement techniques to dodge the demonic beast’s fierce attacks. Those golden blades simply could not block the opponent at all.

No wonder the young woman had told her sect’s disciples to immediately leave this area! Apart from people with outstanding movement techniques like himself, Han Li really could not find many Qi Condensation disciples who could deal with this demonic beast even for one moment.

It was at this time that the young woman’s Vermillion Bird Band came up, instantly decreasing the pressure on Han Li by a great amount. After all, this band magic treasure was still able to create some pain for the Inky Flood Dragon, causing it to be somewhat wary of it.

“Little fellow, you hid there for so long, why didn’t you make a move earlier? If you had made a move earlier, perhaps I would still have an opportunity to inflict a heavy wound on this beast!” the young woman asked resentfully as she controlled her magic treasure’s attacks.

“I was worried you would kill me and steal my treasures!” Han Li replied very obediently, instantly stifling the young woman from speaking for a while.

Han Li was very clear that despite this woman’s apparent youth, if one were to discuss her true age, she would definitely be old enough to act as his grandmother with some more to spare, so he should display less of his cleverness ! It would be best for him to speak his thoughts frankly to allow both sides to ally with one another and fight the enemy instead of being a hindrance to each other.

As for the other person’s identity as a Core Formation expert and the discrepancy between his status and hers, Han Li purposefully feigned ignorance and ambiguously passed over it. At any rate, based on the other person’s current power, she were still unable to control him! Han Li held no fear in his heart today for this young woman who had lost most of her magic power.

“Young fellow, you have so many thoughts at such a tender age; I only fear you may not live for very long!” said the young woman with a bitter tone after being low-spirited for a while.

Hearing this, Han Li laughed once and did not make a retort. However, he quietly said in his heart: “If I had thought any less, I might have died many times already, not to mention in the future!”

Seeing that Han Li did not continue to speak, allowing her to say that much, the young woman lost some of the anger in her heart and began to consider a plan to deal with the enemy.

Do you have any way of inflicting a heavy wound on this flood dragon? If you do, quickly say it!” The young woman, seeing that the two of them, even after forming an alliance with Han Li for a short while, were still being chased around everywhere in disarray with no spare room for retaliation, finally could not endure it and asked.

“I do have one, but it requires for the opponent to be bound for a short amount of time; you cannot allow it to move!” Han Li hurriedly replied as he used the iron shield to block another spitting attack by the Inky Flood Dragon while his figure leaped around incessantly, attempting to widen the distance between him and the Inky Flood Dragon.

“Okay, I’m going to use the last magic power I have; I can still bind it for a short moment. Hopefully it’s enough for you to use! But is your method reliable?” The young woman’s eyes lit up when she heard that, and she closely followed the flood dragon that was chasing after Han Li, using the Vermillion Bird Band to fiercely bash the flood dragon’s body before hurriedly saying.

“I have a very powerful treasure talisman. It definitely can break through this flood dragon’s defenses!” Han Li said with full self-confidence. He did not believe that this demonic beast would still be able to block the full-force attack of the Golden Light Brick.

“Treasure talisman?”

When the young woman heard this, her heart was filled with joy. She had never expected that the Yellow Maple Valley young man in front of her eyes actually could obtain such a rare item. Although she also had a few treasure talismans, their strength was not even on par with her Vermillion Bird Band! Since the other person had so much self confidence, it seemed like it should be a purely destructive treasure talisman; this was definitely an extremely rare object!

Since she realized that Han Li’s method was feasible, the young woman immediately stopped in midair, then started the incantation that had once bound the flood dragon before. The Vermillion Bird Band securely wrapped around the demonic beast’s body again, causing it to start struggling in anger.

Han Li, seeing this golden opportunity, immediately placed the Flying Dark-Iron Shield in front of his body. Then, he pulled out the Golden Light Brick treasure talisman and sat down cross-legged!