Chapter 202 - Silence

Chapter 202 Silence.

Chapter 202: Silence

Just as Han Li ordered the seven children blades to intercept the silver sword, he soon immediately felt his opponent’s strength.

With only this single huge sword magic tool, the large man immediately and unwaveringly pushed down on all of the golden blades. The seven golden streaks formed a defensive golden net.Under the tyrannical collision against the huge silver sword, the golden blades were completely defeated and weren’t even able to suppress it in the slightest. Instead, the golden blades radiance rapidly grew dim from the silver sword streak’s strike; a clear sign that the golden blades were breaking down. It seemed to be only a matter of time before they would be destroyed much like the young woman’s handkerchief.

However, Han Li had yet to experience the might of the silver sword and was surprised. In accordance to might, his “Gold Beetle Swarm Blades” were only common trash among top-grade magic tools. Being no match against the silver sword was within expectations and nothing to make a fuss over. As a result, Han Li pointed his finger, wanting two of the golden blades in the struggle to shoot toward the large man. He wanted to first test the opponent’s defensive methods. Besides, he wanted to see whether this was an opportunity he could exploit! After all, if someone were dead, there there would be no point in how strong someone’s magic tools were.

Two of the golden streaks Han Li was controlling were just about to turn, wanting to fly toward the man’s legs. Unexpectedly, the opponent’s huge sword suddenly resonated with silver light, and with the sword hilt at the center, it rapidly whirled. In an instant it turned into a huge silver disk and released countless threads of attractive force from its center, causing the nearby golden blades to become incapable of moving in the slightest as if they were weighed down by a thousand kilograms. The two blades wanting to leave naturally weren’t able to luckily escape.

These scene caused Han Li to be stunned from alarm. As soon as he regained his senses, he hastily looked toward the large man. As expected, the opponent was using a strange magic technique. His hands were dancing with the wind as if he were gesturing some sort of circles.

Han Li didn’t give it much thought and promptly patted his storage pouch. A flying blue dagger and a gold alms bowl flew out. The two items didn’t stop at Han Li’s side and shot straight toward the large man.

Although the hands of the barefoot man from the Giant Sword Sect were not idle, Han Li’s actions were clear. He sneered for a moment. Then he suddenly changed the incantation gestures in his hands and held his bare hand against the flying dagger and alms bow, pointing at the two objects from a distance.

Han Li immediately felt the result. He lost his connection to the two magic tools that were originally in their control. Woosh. Woosh. The two magic tools actually flew over twenty meters away and were sucked in by the floating huge sword’s silver vortex.

Pu. Pu. Just as the two high-grade magic tools were about to enter the huge silver sword’s rapid vortex, they were unable to endure for that short moment and burst into fragments like fireworks. Those sparking magic tool fragments made an exceptionally beautiful meteor shower.

Han Li’s mouth was currently dry. He completely did not expect the opponent’s cultivation and silver sword to be this great. Not only were his “Golden Beetle Swarm Blades” trapped, his two high-grade magic tools were disposed of, thoroughly destroyed without the slightest of effect. This truly caused him to become apprehensive.

Bang! The sound of the explosion greatly frightened Han Li. His complexion rapidly paled as he looked over to the source of the sound. As expected. the original seven of the golden swarm blades turned to six with a beautiful golden rain of sparks appearing from the center of the silver vortex. Under the large man’s control, the silver vortex was actually starting to destroy and absorb the golden blades.

When it had only started to destroy high-grade magic tools, Han Li would only be apprehensive. But now that the golden blades started to disappear, Han Li truly felt some heartache. These were top-grade magic tools! Furthermore, because they were a complementary set, each loss would significantly reduce its power.

With his extreme heartache, Han Li no longer hesitated and flipped his right hand, taking out the small mirror from the girl with many treasures. Han Li hurriedly poured spiritual power into the mirror and then pointed it to the sky, immediately spouting out a brilliant azure mist from the mirror. The mist immediately returned the huge silver sword vortex to its original appearance. It trapped the silver sword and the remaining golden blades in the azure light, causing them to become completely motionless in midair.

The barefooted man’s completely complacent expression immediately disappeared without a trace when he saw Han Li’s small mirror. With a pale expression, he loudly cried out, “The Azure Stasis Mirror! How did you acquire this item. Isn’t that the life-saving magic tool of the Masked Moon Sect’s Shuang Jiao? Could it be that you killed her?”

After the large man said this, he looked at Han Li with an incredulous gaze as if he had done some sort of treasonous action in defiance of the natural order. This caused Han Li to feel a moment of unrest!

From the opponent’s tone of voice, it seemed as if this top-grade magic tool was able to cause him a great amount of inconvenience. Han Li could not help but stop his hand for the time being, wanting to hear what the opponent had to say.

“What’s the idea? I didn’t kill her, I received it from the one who killed her, from the hands of that guy called Feng Yue. Could it be that there’s something strange? ” Han Li wrinkled his brow, saying this with an unsightly expression.

“Hehe, these words of your esteemed self, would the Martial Ancestor of Masking Moon’s Shuang Jiao believe them? Will a Core Formation Expert or a Masking Moon Sect Elder believe the mere trifling words of a Qi Condensation disciple?” The large barefooted man said with a sneer, coldly laughing several times.

Han Li’s heart suddenly sunk. He knew that if what he had said was true, then he would have no chance to explain himself! He hadn’t the slightest evidence to exonerate himself and prevent himself from dying. Instead, he had that malicious woman’s magic tool in his possession. As it was, that Masked Moon Sect Elder would most likely not let a ‘murderer’ like him get away.

“This is far too troublesome!” When he thought that a Core Formation expert would take note of his small life, not only did Han Li’s mouth grow painfully bitter and dry, but he also felt gloomy to the point of wanting to spit out blood.

With this said, he was being treated extremely unjustly! Not only did he not kill her, but he also killed Feng Yue, which could be considered revenge on her behalf! But now the result was a Core Formation expert pursuing him while he had no method to prove himself innocent!

After all, how could a person who could kill a Qi Condensation disciple with her fingers like it was no different from squashing an ant ever possibly listen to him! His own elders of Yellow Maple Valley would mostly likely not act on behalf of a nobody such as him and offend an elder of the Masked Moon Sect!

The more Han Li thought, the more he felt that what his future held was anything but good. Could it be that after he left the forbidden area, he would have to travel far away and flee death by living with a concealed identity in another country? Han Li truly did not want to take that path!

The large man clearly saw Han Li’s gloomy expression and could not help but laugh heartily, rejoicing in his misfortune.

As the barefooted man’s laughs grew louder, Han Li’s expression grew increasingly darker! A timid voice came from the side.

“Let’s all keep it a secret and not tell anyone else. Is that fine?”

The young green clothed woman, who listened clearly form the side, interrupting with some hesitation.

“Keep it a secret?”

Han Li and the large man were startled, unable to keep their emotions in check. Then they looked at each other with a strange expression and suddenly shut their mouth, keeping silent.

The words that the young woman had wanted to say caused the two who were baffled to immediately swallow in fear. With opened pupils, their eyes could only spin around incessantly; they didn’t dare to speak.

During the silence, Han LI suddenly put his hands behind his back and slowly paced back and forth nearby. Meanwhile, the large man was rigidly staring at Han Li’s every movement with an extremely solemn appearance.

In this peacefulness that caused people’s heartbeat to slowly accelerate, after the time it took to make a cup of tea, the large man with a solemn expression opened his mouth and broke the silence.

“I truly did not think of that. Us two were actually reminded by a young girl! It seems the phrase ‘the actors were confused but the onlooker saw clearly’ is truly not false! Just now, your distinguished self intended to kill me in order to silence me!”

“You’re not wrong. If there was a second path, I definitely wouldn’t have the heart to kill this brother! Brother’s sword controlling technique could be said to be marvelous beyond compare! This one truly admires it!” Han Li sighed, halting his steps nearby and helplessly saying as he faced the large man.

“It seems that even with a death oath, your esteemed self will not be convinced!” After a short moment, the large man said this overbearingly with an encompassing radiance shining from his eyes.    

“You’re not wrong. I only believe that dead men can keep secrets!” Han Li’s expression sunk as he replied with a bone-chilling tone.

“Good, since this is the case, we don’t need to speak rubbish. Only one of us will leave here alive!” the barefooted man heroically said with raised eyebrows.

“Only one of us will live? That’s wrong. It should be said that your esteemed self’s death is certain!” After Han Li heard the large man’s words, he strangely smiled and lightly said this as he shook his head.

“Nonsense. Do you believe that because you’ve trapped my Silversheen Sword for the time being that your victory is certain!? I have many methods you have yet to experience!” The large man grew furious as he heard Han Li’s words, and he immediately yelled in response. In addition, he raised his arm, and  silver light suddenly sparkled from his hand. A sword streak similar to the silver sword unexpectedly appeared in midair.

“Your esteemed self did not yet take note of this. The distance between us is already within thirty meters!” Han Li was looking at the large man with a peculiar expression and sighed. Soon after, his figure became indistinct and completely disappeared into the air.

“So long as I am within thirty meters of someone and no defensive technique are used, that person’s life or death is basically mine to decide!” Han Li’s voice became a hollow echo. Suddenly, he appeared pressed up behind the fear-stricken large man. He said the last word of his sentence as he appeared.

“And now you are already dead!” Han Li softly muttered this as he slowly withdrew the thread he had just waved.

The large man motionlessly looked forward with a lifeless expression. A thin red line suddenly appeared on his neck. His head was still for a moment before smoothly rolling off his neck, truly as dead as dead can be.

Han Li then turned his body and looked at the two-part corpse. A trace of pity flashed on his face. This large man’s strength was no less than that of Feng Yue. However, he was careless and actually let Han Li approach to such a close distance. His death could not be regarded as unjust!

“Do you also want to kill and silence me?”

Han Li suddenly heard these feeble words, laced with suspicious vigilance and restless fear.