Chapter 199 - Brother and Sister Chen

Chapter 199: Brother and Sister Chen

“Is Master Li somewhat confused as to why this Daoist Priest let that person leave?” The middle-aged Daoist Priest was silent for a moment, then suddenly opened his mouth and spoke.

“Hehe! I am a little bit. This little boy’s magic tools were pretty good; even I was somewhat tempted when I saw them!” The elder actually spoke very frankly, not attempting to conceal his thoughts.

“Then Master should get rid of this idea as quickly as possible; this person cannot be killed!” the Daoist Priest said with a certain amount of caution and knitted his eyebrows.

When the azure-robed elder heard this, an expression of doubt briefly flitted across his face, but he did not yet open his mouth to ask anything. He knew that since the conversation had already progressed to this point, based on the other person’s personality, a clear explanation would definitely be provided soon after.

As expected, the Daoist Priest stiffly continued, “This person has strong connections to Heavenly Imperial Fortress’s Ma Yunlong; its best to avoid rashly provoking him!”

When the elder heard this, he was moved and couldn’t help but say with surprise, “Do you mean that Ma Yunlong from the Heavenly Imperial Fortress who a century ago was the person who had the most hope of entering the Core Formation stage?”

The Daoist Priest bitterly laughed and sighed, “If it wasn’t that person, who else would it be? I have seen this person a few times. The Dustfall Pearl in that youth’s hand was that person’s famous magic tool; there’s no way I could be wrong! Thus, this youth must be strongly related to Ma Yunlong. It’s best if we don’t touch this youth!”

“Yes, thanks for this Daoist friend’s reminder! Otherwise, I would really have made a big mistake! Sigh, we had better harvest these spiritual medicines as early as possible. We don’t want any other unexpected guests!” The elder immediately suggested, finally having recovered to his normal state from his earlier shock.

The Daoist priest naturally cheerfully agreed; then, the two people cut off a “Purple Monkey Flower”, one from each side, and then immediately parted ways.

Similar scenes were playing out in the few other locations; however, their conflicts far less peaceful, instead creating incredibly intense sparks as they clashed.

To the side of a certain stone room on a mountain ridge on the ring-shaped mountain, four people from two different sects were battling while controlling many kinds of magic tools.

Among these were a male and female, both wearing yellow attire; they were Yellow Maple Valley’s disciples.

The male of about forty years had a scholarly appearance. He held a silver, shining, huge pen and a golden, brilliant book in the middle of his hand. With a wave of his hand, the silver marks and the sky full of golden light attacked the two opponents until their sweat stuck to their back and their faces had turned green.

Although the pretty, young woman also controlled a blue and yellow pair of flying swords, supporting off to the side, any discerning person could tell just from a glance that her strength was vastly weaker even when compared to that of the two opponents, not to mention when compared with her own partner! She was basically useless. Instead, her extremely powerful partner had to save her a couple of times!

Their opponents, however, were not two people from the same sect.

One of them wore a green mask of light and controlled a flying snake about as wide as a bowl and a swarm of huge wasps. The ugly male ferociously defending himself from the Yellow Maple Valley male’s large-scale attack of gold light was actually Zhong Yue from Spirit Beast Mountain, who had exchanged information with Han Li.

The other person was a pretty and gentle male youth completely clothed in azure; most likely, he was a Saber Transformation Dock disciple.

The two red flying daggers fluttering in front of him shot light out in all direction; just from one glance one would know that they were not common magic tools. These magic tools, which were originally attack-type flying daggers, now became two curtains of light about as large as a wagon wheel in front of him, straining to block the silver marks like a sky full of stars against a sparkling silver talisman.

“Stay your hand, stop fighting, the two of us surrender! The one surnamed Chen, consider yourself vicious, the spiritual grasses within the stone room belong to you!” The Saber Transformation Dock youth could no longer endure, and he finally opened his mouth to give in.

When the ugly Zhong Yue to the side heard this, apart from having a slight expression of unwillingness, it did not actually prevent him from speaking. It could have been considered to be a taciturn understanding of the male youth’s words. He returned the flying snake and swarm of wasps back to his side.

“Heng! How could we let you off so lightly and allow you to surrender as you wish!” the weakest female from Yellow Maple Valley said somewhat unwillingly as she lifted up the long hair on her forehead. Earlier, she had been directly ignored, so she had to suppress a stomach full of restlessness; thus, her tone became very malicious.

“What are you thinking? Do still want to kill me? I’m afraid you may not have the skill to!” When the Saber Transformation Dock male heard this, he began to screech in aggravation, like he was a girl who had just received a great fright. Thus, the other three people couldn’t help but get goosebumps.

“Of course we won’t! My seventh little sister was only speaking out of anger! You two only need to worry about leaving. I will definitely not get in your way!” The middle-aged Yellow Maple Valley male said, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled. He immediately glared at the female to prevent her from further speaking ill words and then spoke to Zhong Yue and the others with a peaceful expression.

“Hehe! Brother Chen really is worthy of being called the Chen Clan’s prince; your bearing is much different than those of certain girls. Then we will take our leave!” The Saber Transformation Dock youth suddenly became peaceful again, and his voice had returned to that of a normal male, in an instant seeming like he was a graceful, handsome prince. The great contrast would cause people to be very flabbergasted!

After saying this, the youth and Zhong Yue glanced again at that stone room, unwilling to part with it, then left that place with some heartache, disappearing without a trace behind the rocks of the mountain.

“Big Brother, why didn’t you kill those two people? All we needed was to exert some more effort, and we could have immediately wiped them out!” After watching the two of them leave, the pretty female was finally unable to resist turning her head and asking the middle-aged male this.

“Seventh Little Sister, I’ve discovered that ever since that incident, you have become somewhat extreme! You want to take other people’s lives so easily, but do you know who these two people are? They both come from incredibly well-known and large families; although they are still very far from our Yan, Chen, and other great clans, one cannot easily look down on them. It’s best if we don’t rashly start a feud!”

“In addition, even if we really wanted to kill them, we would more than likely not succeed! You should know that although it seemed as if the power of the golden book and silver pen had pushed those two to an imminent crisis, in reality it was under the premise that they had no intention of running away. If we were really to try to kill them, they aren’t idiots; they would obviously immediately flee. By that time, I would not be able to do anything to them even if my golden book and silver pen were stronger! I would only be suddenly inciting revenge upon my household!”

The Yellow Maple Valley middle-aged male first used a pampering tone to lightly rebuke the young woman, then explained in great detail the reason why he was unwilling to kill them. This caused that female to suddenly be enlightened!

“Oh, right, Seventh Sister! That brat from the Lu Clan, after plotting against you, has never revealed himself anywhere else; it seems as if he really was killed by the person who saved you. If it’s really so, he can consider himself lucky. Otherwise, I would definitely make him feel as if death is better than living to let him know the fear of daring to scheme against our Chen Clan. The person who saved you, however, is worth thinking over! I spent a lot of energy to investigate the disciples from our sect who had been missing for a few days, but in the end I didn’t actually discover anybody who could pose a threat to that brat from the Lu Clan. You must know that although that bastard’s magic power is not worth mentioning, his Azure Flood Dragon Banner is really a pretty good top-grade magic weapon! Since they were able to save you from his grasp, that person must not be too weak; could he be an outsider cultivator who just happened to pass by?” The female’s big brother suddenly switched to a tender and caring tone as he spoke to his “Seventh Sister”.

It turned out that this “Seventh Little Sister” was actually the “Junior Martial Sister Chen” who had become as cold as ice and frost; however, in front of this person who was her older brother, she had evidently recovered a bit of her inherent nature. Thus, when she heard his words, her face immediately blushed and she threw a tantrum, “Bah! Why would you bring up that guy? He saved me, so what! I was left all alone in that desolate area, but he actually took my Foundation Establishment Pill and luckily escaped! Most likely, he is also not some good person!”

Junior Martial Sister Chen’s tone was filled with injustice and hatred!

In reality, what caused her to be so ashamed and indignant was not that, but rather it was because as soon as she thought of this person, she would recall that embarrassing night where her head was not clear and her entire body had felt hot and naked.

And those two beasts had willfully caressed her entire body from head to toe with their callous hands as well as the thick male smell from the other person’s body were even more engraved in her memory.

However, because she was more than a little humiliated and angry, Junior Martial Sister Chen tried her hardest not to think about that incident, instead suppressing them within the deepest corners of her heart. Today, hearing her own big brother bringing it up, she couldn’t help but develop a headache, causing her face to alternate between red and white as she sank into contemplation.

When Junior Martial Sister Chen absentmindedly regained consciousness, she discovered her own big brother staring at her with deep meaning, seemingly smiling without smiling. It was as if all of her secrets had been completely seen through by him! This caused her blushing to become even more apparent!

Junior Martial Sister Chen, feeling incredibly bashful, simply stomped her tiny foot and said, “I’m going to go harvest the medicine!”

Watching the back of his most beloved younger sister, the middle-aged man couldn’t help but smile lightly. He had already had a scheme in mind!

Then, he followed and walked after her.


In a certain dense forest, a green-clothed young woman was furiously biting her lips, controlling a small, white statue. She was currently embroiled in a difficult battle with a two-headed strange snake. It seemed as if for a period of time they were neck and neck; behind the strange snake was a completely fire-red tree. On its branches grew a number of fist-sized red fruits.


A line of white-clothed males and females silently walked within a long and narrow underground tunnel; it seemed as if their ranks numbered roughly fifteen or sixteen people. All of the surviving Masked Moon Sect disciples in the forbidden area were actually all here, and the one at the very front was the fairy-like young woman who had earlier seen Han Li from afar!